Use Your RRSP for a Tax-Free Investment

What are RRSP mortgages?

RRSP mortgages are our specialization and deliver minimum returns of 7%!

  • You hold a mortgage; essentially you become the bank.
  • It is a true "self directed" investment.
  • It is a physical, tangible investment you can see and touch.
  • The investments are real properties, not ideas or concepts.

Why invest in RRSP mortgages?

  • It's a secure investment that provides superior returns.
  • It is a safe and easy way to get into real estate investment without borrowing or leveraging your existing house.
  • Returns are typically higher than mutual funds and stocks with less risks of volatility.

What are the rules?

  • A trustee will hold your interest for you.
  • We provide a safe transfer from existing RRSP accounts without triggering tax.
  • All of the forms are filled out for you, we urge you to use your own lawyer so that you feel comfortable with all of the terms.
  • We will help you with timing your investments to optimize your ongoing strategies.

Who can do it?

Non-fixed RRSP account holders.

Is my investment safe?

  • All investments are registered through a quality property that offers safe and reliable returns.
  • All property mortgages are insured by the CMHC.
  • You will receive quarterly trustee statements.

How do I get paid?

Our payments are delivered via tax deferred growth accumulating within your RRSP.

What are the next steps?

Contact us today and we will analyze your current RRSP account and, if you are interested, arrange to meet with a trustee to fill out the forms. No pressure ever; if at any point you are uncertain of anything, you can walk away!