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  • Do Just One Thing Great in 2016

    To all of my entrepreneurial friends, if you read just one book this year, I strongly recommend this be it.the-one-thing

    After mentoring nearly a hundred entrepreneurs in 2015, and my going through my umpteenth own self-discovery phase, I’ve noticed one of the biggest mistakes made by almost everyone is a burning desire to do more. This is the not only the wrong approach to achieving success; as you gain momentum in different areas you continue to de-focus yourself and push yourself further away from achieving the potential that you are capable of in any singular focus.

    Over the last few years I’ve owned a technology firm, computer store, a snack/drink vending business, two clothing businesses, a consulting firm and a real estate investment firm. Each one of these were profitable and therefore arguably successful, but only when I started to sell the businesses and laser my focus did I realize that I was hindering myself and actually preventing myself from achieving my potential in any singular focus; especially those singular focuses where my passions truly lay.

    After having successfully sold 3 of these businesses and closing two others, it took very little time to transform my remaining focus into into multi-million dollar initiatives. My positive momentum skyrocketed and everything changed, including my well-being, my happiness, my self-worth and the amount of time I had for family, friends, fun and everything that *actually* matter in life.

    Last year at this time I was writing a book with the intention of publishing it. It currently sits at 40-60% written and may never be finished. Although I enjoyed writing it, and I know it would irrevocably change lives forever, it would come at a cost to myself – it would de-focus me from what really matters and take time away from reaching my potential in my key areas of focus. It would also make me even busier and de-focus me further, as it would lead to additional speaking engagements, workshops and keynote requests.

    Entrepreneurs, believe me, being busier is not achieving success. Don’t try to take on everything. Don’t write books just to massage your ego. Don’t run multiple businesses just to be “super entrepreneur of the year”.

    Don’t make yourself busy for the sake of being at 100% at all times. Instead, stop, focus singularly. On your passion. On what you’re great at. On what matters. Make your life simpler. Exponentiate your income. Dramatically reduce your working requirements. This is how you achieve true happiness. This is the definition of success.

    Read this book, it’ll change your life. You’re welcome.


    Brent Mondoux
    Founding Partner, Amplified Investments
    Investing in real estate

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